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  1. Well what happened to little assland? I think the poor fellow needs a break, after all he has had SO MUCH DICK in his cornhole for SO LONG!!!!
  2. Are you ready for that hot sperm bath?
  3. You really love sperm don't you Assland? Especially when it is up your nose I imagine.
  4. His AIDS will catch up with him sooner than later!
  5. Good night ladyboy! Say DADDY!
  6. I think you will burn yourself out at this rate, I think you need to rest.
  7. The only person who is going to get killed here is yourself.
  8. I iz their lEadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! Thats why I am on so little, and my wife wants me to satisfy her now, so bye-bye sonny! Say DADDY!!!!!
  9. how does all that sausage and cream taste like when it gets shoved down your mouth assland?
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