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  1. Sure, says sir dickless who's name is "Asland." You will reach a whole new level of stupidity if you still think that Machette's picture was real. "i complete you when i wipe"??? *faceplam*
  2. complete me!!!! Also, you could help me. If you could find some time in between crying like a bitch and whining to IFF about your thread being closed.
  3. Thanks from me too, because I'd be nothing without you.
  4. #659:

    PAT, come out to play-yay!!!!....In REAL forums!!!!

  5. PAT, come out to play-yay!!!!....If you can find the time, from not getting locked out!!
  6. he trains at the blue oyster,or gets trained
  7. This is Sparta!!!!!!!!
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