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  1. What's the matter PAT.

    Can't come out and play?

    I'd really enjoy beating your ass into a pulp (definitively), but then that's already been done (literally).

    You can't hang physically or mentally.

    Now go teach your daughter to scream a little louder. Surely she learned that from you.
  2. Hi PAT.

    Most of us are, at some point, away from the site. It has to do with mundane things like work, actual practice of martial arts, family, etc.

    Where in Rockford?

    Visitor #653 and still kicking your ass.
  3. PAT

    What happened buddy?

    So sad. Locked out and can't discuss the much anticipated aikido beat down. Leave for one day and you get hung out to dry.

    Visitor message number 78 for those keeping count.
  4. Wake your drunken ass up PAT. We're back in the real world. Here be U. Now go kiss your daughters and act like you give a ****.
  5. Touche' Mr. Machette.

    PAT - you should be pimp slapped.
  6. Mr. Machette said it best. You are a prolapsed ass tulip. Hence, PAT for you asshat.
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