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  1. Well, you and Steve and the moderator are doing an excellent job of dissection. The little birdy (visions of deep throat..) that steve mentioned was me, lol. Pointed him in a whole new direction of attack on that tool Fool Contact. Glad you guys had a great seminar up there today. That was today wasn't it....
  2. "He was reported to the SFL by the way."

    good! what a freaking jerk he is! Figures he isn't really any good, turns that insecurity towards other people's business
  3. It should be added that all "Fool Contact" did was discuss losses ignoring all the ones' his guys won. I just don't understand this maliciousness. He was reported to the SFL by the way.
  4. Serge, re: frottage. You wouldn't believe the half of it. He is a ref in the SFL in canada. He is a BJJ guy and hates catch guys. So after the event he posts saying Kris' guys suck etc. Kris takes his beginners (well, he used to) to that event becuase it was a good start for them. Then this dick goes online and publicly humiliates them. So now they don't want to go anymore. What kind of person does that ****?
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