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  1. I don't have a facebook account.

    The same school as Russ, but I doubt we've ever seen eachother because of your back and such, since I've only been around for a month or three.
  2. hey, i missed the last line, no im not him, but he';s a friend and an awesome bjj sparring partner, he taught me a lot.
    same school though.
    what school you from?
  3. true!
    can you pm yet?
    if you're new to the site:you need about 50 posts before you can use the private message system (pm).
    if you know me well enough you're prob on my facebook already.
  4. I'm not sure, but I think I might know you, there aren't that many BJJ guys with bad backs in Holland now are there?

    So are you Rus (spelling? Russ? I don't know) or what?
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