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  1. It's cool. Good luck with your training.
  2. Sorry if I gave any indication I thought you were being rude--that wasn't meant to be sarcastic.

    Yeah, I guess I should have done some research before hand :P

    And alright, sounds good--thanks!
  3. I wasn't being rude mate, since the thread was moved to YMAS people are going to start taking the piss out of you becouse Hapkido is looked upon badly and you weren't taking any advice. Generally everyones really friendly here but people don't take repetition well, especially regarding arts that don't work too well. Check out Chun threads and see where they go.

    With the MA I'd recommend trying all of what you mentioned MT/BJJ/JUDO, they all work but you have to decide what's best for you.
  4. Hey, sorry for making my stupid HKD thread--I guess I was kind of a stupid jackass (in the sense that I ignored everything) so thanks for putting it in such concise terms.

    Question: Does bullshido frown upon HKD as a martial art or the training methods in relation to MMA? Just wondering, since I couldn't really tell.

    Also, for self defense (I'm asking you since starting or continuing that thread would not end well, probably) MT and Judo or MT and BJJ? I'm starting MT in 2 weeks.

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