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  1. Nice one, have you competed or do you think you will?

    I've bumped an old beer thread incase anyone's around.
  2. Yeah man, I'm sporadically training bjj/submission wrestling at just about every gym in London. (kind of annoying because it means I'll never get graded this way)
    My gym membership runs out next month so am thinking about joining Carlson Gracies full-time and just using what weight equiptment they have there.

    I'll speak to sam and we should maybe set up a beer thread for any other british BS peeps that might fancy a loosely martials related drinking session.
  3. Havent seen you guys I mean. Typing on an iPhone is a bastard.
  4. Hello mate, I'm all good thanks. Ive final taken up a grappling art and am a lowly Judo red belt and I love it, wish I would have taken it up years ago. Are you still training?

    I'm living and working in Kent now but I can get to London easily enough on a Friday so I'd definitely be up for some beers. I have seen you or Sam or Ben o here for ages and thought you'd all binned it, it would be good to catch up.
  5. How's things Kovacs? we should get the crew together for a drink sometime soon.
  6. Thanks man, its all pretty old, I'll be puutting more stuff up on Flickr (and also on deviant art) in the next few weeks as ive been working on a few digital paintings.
  7. That's some great stuff mate. I like the sci-fi concept and johnuskglass, the first has that old school oil painting you used to get on a lot of magazine covers and the second has more of a modern comic cover feel to it, even if it's work in progress. You've got that transition from canvas to screen which I still can't do, bastard! ;-)
  8. Hey Dude,

    I've got some illustration stuff on flickr (all pretty old but will upload some more soon and have just setup a profile on deviant art):

    and i have a vfx reel on here:

  9. Hi Dan,

    Hope you're well. Have you got a link to your portfolio, if you wouldn't mind me having a butchers?

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