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  1. Well you can finally rest easy at night knowing that our conversation was filled with many life lessons and the things that lifetime movies are made of.
  2. I dig most eighties music - it was a great era for popular music, imho. I wouldn't claim to be a fan of HL&TN, but I may have one or two of their 45s laying around.
  3. Say DaddyKata, do you like Huey Lewis and The News?
  4. yeah, I got it - hence Batman -> Equilibrium
  5. I'm gonna make this pencil disappear.
    YouTube - The Dark Knight - Joker's Pencil Trick Scene
  6. It's my job to know what you're thinking.
  7. How about a magic trick?
  8. You can kiss my rebel dick.
  9. Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna to bite?
  10. Listen, Dick. If you're gonna continue to get this close do you think you might consider switching aftershaves?
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