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  1. I just read your post about the Dragon Gate monkey business. You know, I actually pass by there ALL the time. It's right beside the train tracks and I have to go near there for business reasons. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I am going to go there personally to ask questions.
  2. Simply awesome. I'm considering joining a sunday class that is held here in Kobe by a friend of mine (he runs the only other Chinese gung-fu school here in Kobe). I have to say it again, your research into the origins of the internal arts is really good.
  3. Hell, I'd love to see Japan again. I still have dreams about the Kyomizu shrine, it was a very memorable place for me.

    My Taiji style is a Yang derivative, founded by Cheng Man Ching. Originally he called it "Yang short form," but it features several significant stylistic changes (more emphasis on straight upright form, short frame, more loose, less emphasis on twist step, and fair lady hand as opposed to the Chinese tile hand.) Recently, I started mixing in some Zhaobao push hand methods.
  4. Ah God, you were probably on the Osaka loop line. That place has never made much sense to anyone. Even the people working there.
    You should come back to visit sometime! You know that Japan is ever changing.
    I've always wanted to try Taiji, because my Northern Dragon is considered an internal style near the end of training (although, in my opinion, it still is mostly an external art), could you tell me more about your style?
  5. Oh man, I remember Osaka. I got lost there once when I got off at the wrong train stop off one of the red train lines (there's several shades???)

    One of the nice locals actually took me to the right train when I asked for directions. Luckily his English was better than my Japanese. He was missing a pinky if I remember correctly :p
  6. Ah, good old Japanese Hell - Narita airport. You should definitely explore a little more. The best cities are down where I live. I live in Kobe, so I can travel to Osaka,Nara,Kyoto,Shiga, and all of the regular places you want to see in under two hours of train travel.
    I like going to Kyoto to visit the "samurai action village". It's a place where the shoot all the television shows that relate to "samurai period drama". I tattoo in Osaka and the castle there is just spell binding.
  7. It's cold here too, but then, I'm from a very cold country.

    I spent some time in Japan as well, miss it a lot. Have some fond memories of Shibuya, Roppongi, and some parts of Kyoto :) Are you anywhere near Kyoto? Last time I was flying through, I was stuck in a far off corner in Narita, and didn't have time to go out and explore between landing and boarding. Next time I hope to give myself at least two days, and travel around a bit.
  8. My wife (since she is Japanese) is stuck on the idea (like most Japanese) that the air in our apartment is bad and must be "changed" daily. This means she opens all of the windows for a while, which effectively makes my home livable for a penguin.
    I'm condemning her, again, at the moment for doing this and asking if Japanese people know what pneumonia is.Yourself? How is buffalo grove? (I assume that is where you are living?)Much respect to a fellow CMA and to Taiji Quan. =)
  9. It's a pleasure for me as well.
    I'm actually from Germany! heh. I've lived around the world, so to say. Just enjoying life.Right now, here in Kobe, it's getting icy cold. Global warming my pale European ass.
  10. It's a pleasure.

    How's Japan this time of year? What part are you from?
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