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  1. That's a bummer dude, and yeah that is a hell of a distance, I don't blame your going to Top Team.

    Oh I see, yeah gotta be super ready for the sub hunt. A lot of people coming and bringing the a-game. If you ever feel like going to MMAA lemme know dude, i'll try to show up to either morning or evening class. Or if you change your mind about Subhunt = )
  2. Greg Nelson/Sean Sherk's place, Minnesota Martial Art Academy in Brooklyn Center. It is a tad out of the way but I have alot of respect for Nelson so I dont mind the drive, unless its that killer morning traffic. Thats crazy, I never knew about that place but it has some very serious coaches. You plan on doing the MN submission hunt next month?
  3. Always good to keep active, if I don't I feel like **** throughout the day. Where do you train BJJ if you don't mind me asking? If it's Nelson's I prob know you.
  4. Lovely weather we're having.
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