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  1. Far for me as I don't have a car that night. I've been invited to a friend's house already for the UFC, thanks and let me know for other times too
  2. Next Saturday night:

    Any interest ? I'm going with a buddy of mine..
  3. I didn't bother with it Pizzd, as the outcome seemed like a foregone conclusion.
    Despite the controversy, it sounds like Mayweather was on his way to another dominating performance in any event.
  4. Though I know how it ended, was the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Victor Ortiz worth watching?
  5. Wow..thanks dude. This isn't going away and I hope they get to the bottom of things.
  6. What a the time they went on sale to the public there was nothing left but shitty nosebleed seats and a few, scattered singles.
    Its really not fair, there should be at least a couple of thousand good seats reserved for when the sale to the general public begins.
    I am going to watch Boxing at the Hershey Centre this Saturday..that will have to serve as a consolation.
  7. Hah no, tried Sat morning with few friends all got nothing. Not paying a scalper so I'll just host it at my house or something
  8. Did you end up getting tickets?
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