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  1. Heh heh heh - I remember Leo Loucks. When they finally lifted the ban on kickboxing in Ontario back in the 80's, my kung fu brother and I went to see some fights, and he was the main card. Excellent fighter, and a lot of heart.

    Anyway, I'll pass on the info, and let you know.
  2. Hey Chili Pepper - to follow up on that last question you asked me. Tompkin's club is now called Adrenaline and it is out Dundas east. Best all=around MMA club in the city.
    Round One is also a pretty good choice IF you just want to focus on the Boxing/Kickboxing aspect. They do no grappling, but one of the instructors is former Kickboxing champ Leo Loucks. A VERY tough guy and a bit of a local legend.
    Let me know where you decide to go..I am interested.
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