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  1. Yo Leo,

    Glad I was able to help. I don't post here much anymore but I got an email from somebody else as a result of the thread. So again, you're welcome and glad you've found someplace else to train.
  2. Hey JP,

    I'm the person formerly known as "Mas Leo" here on (trigger for the long-ass Poekoelan slap-down thread). I just wanted to pass my thanks for all the information you shared about PTT. It's taken me awhile to re-engage with training, but I've found a good, local instructor here in St Johns teaching what seems to me a non-BS approach to Kempo. The PTT is still going strong here in St Johns, though there's been a 100% turnover in staff and students since I left (along with some friends who split around the same time).

    Anyhow, I appreciate the nudge you gave me.

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