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  1. In. Your. Face.
  2. That's bullshit "bro".

    Current Activity: Viewing Thread Fliggle Flaggle Arggle Barggle

    You couldn't leave if you wanted to. You are my zombie. Look into your heart PAT, you know it to be true!

    You sorry little bitch.
  3. Why aren't you posting in your thread PAT?

    Giving up already? I don't blame you. It must seriously suck ass being constantly direspected and repeateadly trounced verbally.

    Especially when you're not witty enough to even mount a meager defense. Hell, you can't even form a proper sentence.

    Man you're a sorry little bitch!
  4. Thanks for being my "stunt cock" that porno BTW. I would have been sued for false advertising if people bought it and saw the giant member that's been "amusing" your wife while your out collecting the trash.

    Only you could deliver the micro penis like that. You make midgets feel like Jon Holmes bro. Probably the only good thing you've ever done.

    Thanks for raising my children too BTW. Oh ****, she didn't tell you? Dayum. That's cold.
  5. It keeps your wife happy.

    Come to think of it, you should be paying me for that too.
  6. Your typos are a never ending source of amusement.

    Yeah, you gave up that beaten ass real sweet buttercup. Took it like a champ.

    Next time, you should pay me!
  7. You better keep that tulip moist PAT. Don;t want it drying up an cracking on you now do ya?
  8. u r monkey. I own you. dance primayt. I heerz children cryin. U do nada. coward.
  9. So how does it feel getting absolutely raped on this forum day in and day out? Your busted son, straight moked. OWNED in a word. Just like your kid got owned by a silly adult child and you did nothing to stop it? How messed up is that? Imagine how your kid really feels, getting picked on by a grown man, right in front of her father, and her entire social group, while you stand there and do nothing. Just give up. Give up on everything. You've failed as a human being.I'M FUCKING SPARTACUS!!!!!!
  10. I am spartacus!!!!!!!
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