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  1. Asshat? Is that you?

    For a second, I thought it was your shadow.

    Man, you just ain't the troll you used to be.

    Normally, **** biodegrades into something useful. I guess you're the exception.
  2. Thanks for checking in on my profile.

    It's nice to know you care.

    Now if only you showed that kind of dedication to your children...
  3. #657, Dropping in to remind you what a useless moron you are.
    Not a part of the decision making process? Well, you're in the situation you're in because we goaded on your petty tantrums and general stupidity. So you can thank us for your "exile" so to speak, but really, you did all the legwork. So pat yourself on the back for being recognized as the fucking idiot you are, and do another little dance for us monkey.
    In case you forgot...
    YouTube- three 6 mafia- lick my nuts
  4. my name is machette, i take pictures of my house when i get mad
  5. Yup, and now this is the only place on Bullshido you can post.

    The best part is you don't even realize your only being kept around to see how long you'll embarrass yourself for our amusement.

    Keep it up PAT.
  6. How does it feel having my size twelves wedged in your ass bitch?
  7. Beating you down was easier than picking on a 12 year old girl at a forms event.
  8. And you are a pathological liar.

    Hosted by
  9. Visit #413, just dropping by to remind you how badly you got served bitch.

    Keep it coming PAT. I'm just getting started.
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