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  1. KBI - classes are 1hr, not sure why they seem to run into each other on the schedule. as for cost, i only know the judo rates, and can't say when they will change, but 2x week is $160 and 3x week is $190
  2. wow i was thinking about trying out that school on riverside for a while was thinking about taking jujitsu. how is the school also can you tell me the price range(please). also i was looking at the schedule are the classes 45 minutes long?
  3. that's my hung ga school, now new york hung ga on 27th st. i train judo at kokushi budo institute.
  4. may i ask what judo school you attend i use to do hung ga a long time ago. on 26st in manhattan with matthew balize.
  5. i have been training in hung ga kung fu since 1995. i have been an instructor in hung ga and sanda for several years and have run my own school in the past.

    right now, i am only training in judo, although i still do some of my hung ga work on my own.
  6. hello, what style do you train in?
  7. kung fu - new york hung ga

    judo/japanese jujutsu/aikido/karate - kokushi budo institute, or oishi judo

    muay thai - phil nurse at the wat is by far the best striking coach in ny, near coney island, borodin's muay thai is excellent.

    sambo - ny combat sambo, go see steve at NYCS.

    BJJ - marcello garcia has a school, alliance BJJ is also top notch

    JKD - anderson's is supposed to be very good training.

    boxing - mendez boxing is great!

    let me know if you have questions
  8. Hello, Ming thank you for your reply. If you can please send me the info of the school you said is the best training in nyc. also have you ever heard of andersons martial arts academy/ their style is jeet kune do i think so lol . thank you for your help.
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