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  1. Good to hear, Phil! I have a started up an extended study group of European polearms with a special invitation only forum. If you are interested, I would be glad to invite you there. :) It is currently not open for everyone, just the people I invite. I have some interesting people as members already and there are more people joining soon.
  2. hello
    yes i have dabbed a bit from two fronts
    spear+half sword= polearne
    and le jeu de la hache.
  3. Hi Phil!
    I can't seem to find your email address here at work, so I'll post here instead.

    I know you have studied Ringeck pretty deeply, but do you also have a broader interest in polearms as well? Do you practice or have studied polearms specifically? I have a small study group here at GHFS, you see... :)
  4. hello mate
    Could you trell me what you think of the first Ringen vid i put.
    the point i could imporve what you agree with or disagree with that type of stuff.
    or may be if you though that an other set up would be better.
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