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  1. Like most of us, myself included, I somehow doubt that he suffers from much self-doubt or poor self image. ;)
  2. he just needed an ego boost?
  3. Well, yeah. Outside of his own students & organization, the reaction to the article has been, "wow, he's pretty full of himself."

    He really comes across in the article as "I'm the only expert in the world on sword-y stuff and the rest of you are ignorant boobs so bask in my glow."

    Like I said, when I have interacted with him, it's always been fine. But, man, this article should have never been written.

    Maybe he was having a bad day or something?
  4. Hahaha, okay, just curious. I'm not hip on the WMA community so I didn't know he wasn't popular in those circles. Has the reaction to the article been that bad?
  5. Not personally, no.

    I've interacted with him on the 'net once or twice and he was polite to me.

    He sure comes off like a wang in that article though, doesn't he?

    He has a special skill, almost a superpower, of being able to alienate others in the WMA community. Just his personality, I guess. <shrug>
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