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  1. Go ahead and tell the admins like Samuel Browning and they'll put an appropriate tag like trainer as well. This is done so that if you do decide to stay people know they are actually talking to someone with some expertise in that area. =D
  2. Actually that was a typo. I was a little animated by that video, and the responses I saw. I am not a professional boxer. I train and manage pro fighters. I have worked with Julian Letterlough, Hasim Rahman, Kermit Cintron, Arturo Gatti, Tarvis Simms, and Travis Kauffman. My name is Joe Pastore.
  3. Welcome to Bullshido, as a professional boxer contact an admin and they will give you a neat little pro fighter tag next to your name after a simple verification. Also, there are a lot of art specific forums discussing traing and techniques. Welcome!
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