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    Are you still posting to me on the investigation thread? You're a real fucking genius aren't you... What gives you carte blanche to post unrelated dribble in the investigation thread--is it your staggering 35 posts or your ridiculously high IQ?

    My contribution to the investigation is non-existent. I've followed the story since the video first aired on liveleak. Like most of us the brutality infuriated me and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. A URL in the comments section of the video at liveleak brought me here. Although I haven't noticed any details or found any information that would further the search for KFG's identity or contribute to the investigation in some other fashion, I have noticed people being insulted and bullied a few times and commented on it. Twice to be exact. That is what we are doing here right, sticking up for the little guy, the underdog?
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    Look at you trying to bully me. If you're so concerned about the content of the thread staying focused why didn't you say something to OokamiSamurai7, BackFistMonkey, kiai69, ColdFire$ or noosphere for bringing that username/sockpuppetry/banning conversation to the investigation thread? Instead you jumped all over me. This is because you are a douche bag.

    In the meantime you're still quoting me on that thread. You're **** talking me and accusing me of "crapping up the thread" but you're completely oblivious to the fact that you are the one crapping up the thread. What is it with fuckwits like you? How do you operate in the real world with your head stuffed this far up your ass. Really, I'm impressed!
  3. Hey how's Alyce Doing?
  4. Keep on trolling dickshit- I left your messages on my profile so that the appropriate people can see what your mission is.
    Now, quite crapping up the thread
    GO **** YOURSELF.....

    AND HAVE A NICE DAY. :icon_salu
  5. "My point is, dickshit- you are crapping up the investigation thread. Go to the appropriate thread created for tripe like yours, and post it there."

    Listen douche bag, quit acting all high and mighty like I am fouling up the investigation. Those posts regarding banning ColdFire were fouling up the thread and my response to them pointed it out.

    You think because you have 30 posts you can tell me when and where to post? Get serious... If you want to have a positive impact on keeping the thread on-topic go tell the fuckwits that brought that stupidity into the thread about it. **** talkers like you are such losers. I hope things look up for you someday!
  6. You are such a gimp. You think you are some great contributor to the investigation but you're really just a douche bag.
  7. Quote by YOU from BJB thread:
    "What are you trying to accomplish here? The number of posts I've made has no bearing on whether I'm permitted to post or to the quality of what I might post. And the insults in my posts are direct responses to members that insulted others.
    Why are you trying to take an investigation thread and flex your nuts in it, are they really that small? If you want to box we can do that. If you just want to have a little argument session with me we can do that too. But I don't think this is the thread for it. I tried to PM you, but am prohibited from doing so...
    Post a link for a different thread if you want to continue this conversation, but I'm done replying to you in here."

    thank you.
    Dickshit, I posted the link TWICE, once on the thread that you are trolling and once on your own fucking message board...scroll down dipshit.
  8. My point is, dickshit- you are crapping up the investigation thread. Go to the appropriate thread created for tripe like yours, and post it there.
    For your convienence I will post it again:
    I'm 100% sure I want to be banned - No BS MMA and Martial Arts
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