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  1. Please feel free to start your thread in the Basic Technique forum. If necessary, I will move it to the Advanced Grappling Discussion forum. Thank you for taking the time to ask me.
  2. I am new to the forums and I wanted to start a thread about the arm triangle. I have about six month experience in BJJ so I am pming you before placing this thread in the advance grappling discussion. The arm triangle seems to be my bread and butter choke. I just have more luck with it than any other sub. I do not see it being used often in higher level tournaments and it is not often that I see discussion on this submission. I train at a newer school that does not have higher level belts. Only about ten students and just two blue belts. Is the arm triangle effective at higher levels or am I just catching inexperienced students making mistakes (i.e. turning away from me in side control). Here is a video of the choke if you are not familar with it or just know it by a different name.

    YouTube - Arm Triangle from Side Control

    Thanks for your time
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