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  1. Yes, my username is my initials. I'm a no frills kind of guy.
  2. I always wondered.. are jnp your initials?
    The reason i ask is because even though it's your name - I think of it as your style. J.N.P always sounded to me like: "Judo and Pound", and you look like a bloody Judoka there in your JJ gi.
  3. Kintanon! excellent, I'll contact him immediately :)
  4. Hmm, Kintanon is now a staffer and has created his own comedy tag. I'd say he's you're best best for tag creation. As for getting a new comedy tag added to the official list, I'm not sure anyone besides Tom Kagan, JKDChick or Phrost could okay it.
  5. any chance of pointing that mighty brain at this problem to discern who I should hassle? I'd pm phrost directly, but I figure he has that much **** to deal with, he probably has someone delegated for it. Since I've decided you're now my Go-to guy, I was hoping you could either direct me to the right person, or I suppose I could contact omega via facebook. (if he's the right dude to talk to - maybe anthony, I don't know).

    Help a brother out? :)
  6. I am but a lowly moderator. Sadly, I have no tag powers. What I do have is a cro-magnon forehead. I'll pit my protruding supra-orbital ridges against yours any day mister!
  7. Hey whatup jnp :)

    I'm wondering if I can get a custom tag - something like "Is Balder Than You"
    hehee. can we barter a one-time donation?
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