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  1. Damn, this page has had approx 9500 visits?? For a guy who doesn't like attn that's up there!
  2. Nice. You'd be better off training striking under someone who actually knew what they were talking about.

    You had better be drilling that elbow escape. That and the butterfly lifts. Head low, rounded back, roly poly style all the way. Soon, shrimp drills.
  3. Give me a holler.
  4. Merry tapmas!!! (wey)
  5. I see you promoted me to brown belt.
  6. Cant you erase this stuff?
  7. It took me a second to figure out who you were. Nice to see you on here. Glad you figured out whom I was despite the holiday name change.
  8. Are you paying attention to this redundant scrawl?
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