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  1. I sometimes wonder if you were aware of my sardonic tone in our previous visitor message exchange. The safety of any training partner is typically foremost in my mind. I've never purposefully hurt a sparring partner.
  2. Not really. I just like to be cruel on a casual basis.
  3. So you're not looking for much of a challenge?
  4. I am so choking you unconscious when we meet.
  5. Bloop.
  6. I'd like to report a poster who keeps harassing me. His name is Bloop and he keeps making me uncomfortable with his posts.

    Bad man! Stranger danger!
  7. <3333333333333333
  8. Hey jnp. What is the cause of butt aches and how can you prevent it?
  9. yeah I like it sticky! honey and PB in some nice buns

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