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  1. Please never apologize for browbeating stupid posters. One, they need your help. Two, a caustic approach to unintelligent posters is a tradition on this site. It may not be nice, but that's the price of social Darwinism on the internet rarely is.
  2. Hey, and sorry about browbeating the newbs, but I'm bored today and couldn't get to practice.
  3. I have a similar deal. But I think the guys I get mistaken for get less and less enviable as I age.

    We started with Joshua Jackson in highschool, and that last I heard was Michael John Higgins. I wouldn't mind if he weren't 20 years older than me.

    Now that I can see a bigger pic, the resemblance isn't so great. But there are way worse people to be mistaken for. :)
  4. Sigh, it's me. Want to see something funny?

    I've already been mistaken for this guy three times. Once by a personal friend of mine.

    Several years ago I came to the conclusion that I'm one of many clones. I've been mistaken for people I resemble on three continents and several different countries. Sometimes by their close friends.
  5. Is your AV a picture of you, or Ben Browder?
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