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  1. Umm.. There's Palm beach Judo club, and Yoshi Ashida teaches a Judo/MMA class out of Bond University. He's a former Japanese University champion, and is ranked 5th Dan under Yoshida (LA Olympic Games Gold Medalist). If you train under him, he's not a part of the AJF, so any ranking under him isn't recognized locally, though. Alternatively, you're welcome to come check our club out
  2. Trained for a couple of years at the Gold Coast PCYC (QLD, Australia) under Sensei Wayne Matheson, and cross trained in Freestyle/Greco Wrestling under coach Rod. got onto the Australian Team for the world Sumo Championships in 2008, and trained with Yoshinori Ashida (5th dan). Once my MMA instructor Kerry Dunne moved back to Australia, I immediately returned to training under him exclusively.
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