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  1. As long as you are having fun AND learning a practical martial art, I say go for it.
  2. i will go for that judo now .that will be like 2 times per week and wanna add valetudo ones a week .what about that ?
  3. I would recommend Judo and BJJ. If you can't do the BJJ then the Judo will give you a good base in throws/takedowns and the ground although the ground game in Judo isn't up to the level of BJJ. I would throw in some good solid fundamental boxing and kickboxing to round out your unarmed self defense package. The fact is, self defense isn't about a bunch of moves, self defense is more of a situation where you apply what you know. The training you receive, not just the moves, will allow you to apply what you are taught successfully. If doesn't matter what they show you, if they don't teach you to apply it realistically against a resisting opponent, you are not learning what you need to.
  4. thanks for that link that was very interesting .what u think I should start train me to choose something in edinburgh pls
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