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  1. Hey Josh-

    August is way to long ago. Sorry to make you jump through more hoops for this fight! Matt will have his back in a couple of weeks...
  2. Hey Josh, I have results from bloodwork of August of last year. Is that current enough for you guys or do I need to go get stabbed in the arm again?

  3. So, now that there is a question on which day the fights will be- that is either the 22nd and/or the 28th. Do you have a preference? Have you booked flights or hotel rooms yet?

    Matt doesn't have a real preference, so which ever day is OK with him.
  4. Not a problem- Matt is really looking forward to it! See you in Vegas!
  5. Just wanted to extend my thanks to you and Matt for accepting the bout.
    Take care and see you in Vegas!

    Joshua "jiu-jitsu jones" Bannister
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