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  1. I don't mind...thought about posting it myself. I just don't want him to think I'm biased in my offer to visit his site (that's why I refrained from posting that info in the forum).

    He should be made aware that he is not doing himself a favor by being reluctant with his cooperation. But since I am local, and a newbie in fact, I don't want to color my position prematurely.

    Make sense?

    The sad thing is that I suspect he is "mostly" on the up-and-up, but he is not doing himself justice. He could just "come clean" on so much and settle it all, but instead he chooses to play verbal jujitsu on the board. That alone is a question mark. Perhaps it should not be, but it is.

    MTripp did not do this. I fail to see why anyone else should.

  2. Thanks. Would you mind if I posted that to the thread, if given the appropriate opportunity? I think Williams should see this.
  3. The funny thing is that I was actually considering Family Karate Center (Frank Williams) for MA training for my children when I happened upon this thread on I was a lurker at the time.

    My objection to Frank at this point as a prospective customer is his conduct in this thread. I have read the other threads where instructors have provided their qualifications without question and hold that in stark contrast to what I've seen here for Frank.

    I wanted to send this info to It Is Fake, but cannot send him a PM. Thought you might be interested in any case.

    Still, I'd be as neutral as possible in this investigation. I'd like nothing more than to see him

    (a) provide his qualifications in a genuine fashion and

    (b) remove the Ph.D. reference from his marketing materials (web site and such). That's pretty indefensible at this point, and he has admitted such.


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