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  1. Hey man,
    No worries. I teach "part time" at a dojo that just left the Therien chain. Bill will probably know who I am... What divisions are you thinking of competing in at the tournament??
  2. Hey, thank you for your heads up. I actually joined 100% a little less than two weeks ago and although I just started, I am considering participating in the sportmma show on the 28th. If you don't mind me asking, which dojo do you teach at? Best of luck to you at the event.
  3. Hey man,
    I read your thread about which dojo to join in Ottawa. I am an instructor at a dojo in Ottawa (neither OAMA nor 100%), and I know a lot about both dojos. I have trained briefly at OAMA, and I have trained with and competed against people from 100% in MMA and kickboxing. Quite frankly, OAMA is a cult. They lure you in with promises of victory and teamwork, and then the fine print of their contracts say you will never train in a nother dojo and they pressure you into monetarily supporting their competitive team (which most people will never be on). 100% has some good competitors at the amature and local level, whereas OAMA only allows people to compete in full contact and professional fights.

    You should check out this tournament on June 28th and watch some 100% fighters lose to me: OAMA fighters probably won't bethere because it is an amature event.
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