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  1. yeah well my bro started that particular thread, though he was both our teachers. David died in a car crash.

    So, he was a phase one under Bruce Corrigan? I never saw his certificate to tell you the truth, but he told me he was a full and c.e.i under Paul Vunak, and Paul, when I told him that David passed, seemed to have known him and was pretty sad.

    David got me started off in PFS and now I'm an apprentice instructor myself under Hector Solis.

    Where do you teach nowadays?
  2. I noticed your BJJ thread and comments about Dave Luna. I was not aware Dave had passed away. Do you have any info on his passing? I met Dave in the summer of 2005. We both attended a week long training camp with Sifu Bruce Corrigan. If I recall, he qualified up to Phase One Instructor at this camp. At this time Dave was a white belt with no BJJ experience. He left that week with an apprentice instructorship in ground fighting. Any of his credentials after that time I am not aware of.
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