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  1. thats a really good point but there has been people from the west beating many eastern guys learning "kung fu"
  2. It depends on the individual, but how many western Kung Fu dudes train full time since the age of 5? Savvy?
  3. And you also said something about people from the east training more then western people....
  4. I didn't say that. I said you cannot judge Kung Fu based on the efforts of western immitations; which are usually lesser efforts in the case of Kung Fu.
  5. Make up your mind bro

    by the way, you see that Manny Pacquiao fight? it was insane wasnt it? =p
  6. Then why did you say that most Asains own western fighters? you said some bull about western fighters not training like Eastern fighters or something liek that. wich is a load of bull
  7. thats not what I said n00b!, I clearly stated That there are many excellent fighters from the west and for some reason you seem to act like only people from asia can kick ass (you watch to much movies hint hint)
  8. Hay Last_Samurai, you do realize how many fighters are well known from u.s? (alot)
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