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  1. Yeah, that's Melnik's placae, and yes he's 7th dan (I think that's the highest in Israel - with Amos Gilad).
    Unfortunately I haven't been there in almost 2 months, cause I've been studying like crazy, so I don't know who visited and when. But a lot of people come to train with him, I can tell you that.
  2. Aaah that's Yona Melnik's school right? If I recall correctly he's a pretty high ranked Judoka. Avi Nardia (KAPAP) was there this week right?
  3. No, I train in Hod-Hasharon, here:
    It's a great place, but I'm very new there, and I don't get to go as regularly as I'd like.
  4. Do you train Judo at that dojo next to the Namal in Tel Aviv?
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