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  1. What websites are all about your pain and suffering?
  2. Well first, my sense of humor is called having fun. Second you guys call me a noob and a moron,yet you tell insults like a sweater wearing glee,chess club member.
  3. You do know that all I was asking was whats everyone's opinion on the topic, not their opinion on the question. Your jokes come right out of a comic book, you prick. I'll pay anything to see your ass kicked in the real martial arts world

    P.S At least try to practice your jokes by asking your mom to buy you a joke book, then at night practice them in front of the minor, and maybe you'll be funny by age 50
  4. "****" I thought you were too good for words that degrade you, your Majesty. "Did i send you a PM that has you all butt hurt" What kind of an insult is that? Did you go crying to your Mom and then she said "oh tell him this" then you guys high-five?
  5. Mr.Battlefields. I'm sorry to have to break your heart, but your not my type. I don't roll that way, and do you guys always stalk newcomers?
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