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  1. OooOOooh big man. Notice that I wasn't correcting you nor was I riding Mtripp's ass. I was suggesting that you might want to do a little research, so you know you wouldn't look like the giant ass you are.

    Also I will correct who I want if they are wrong. I don't fall for this 'appeal to authority' crap, so stop presuming that you can tell me what to do just because you are more senior in a dubious MA.

    That is all.
  2. well junior looks like as a deadly yellow belt your racking it all in.....your mentor at least has yrs of his own experience to base his **** from. I was your age when I started doing Wing Tzun and already had a rep for fucking off "black belts" in the real world by then. Put your nose back up Mr.Tripps ass and wipe your nose off in 12yrs then think about correcting me......K pumpkin
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