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  1. Sorry man. I am just figuring out this user control panel. First off I want to agree with you that it is not your job to develop your MA. I will go so far as to say that you will know what works for you and what doesn't so you are developing your MA in a fashion.
    Second off let me define pressure testing. I think pressure testing is when you use your repertoire in a alive manner.
    As to how often, well that happens anytime that you spar, practice, or fight in a alive manner.
    You will quickly find out what moves will work and what moves will not. You will also find your style of fighting as well.
    As to how you pressure test mortal combat. Well isn't that full contact sparring? I think that is as close to real life fighting as you can get. It may not reflect accurately but the intensity and will feeling will be very close.
  2. It is not my job to pressure test and develop my MA. I trust my teachers for that, whether it's BJJ or WT. I do have to pressure test myself, and for each person this is a different level of pressure. I do test if I can do my techniques but I don't label that as "pressure testing" but maybe you do.

    Let me ask you this then, assuming I need to pressure test my art, how often do I need to do these tests? vs how much training and drilling and lite sparring?

    How do I pressure test mortal combat? So then we can agree that we need to practice things and test things at a lower intensity then they will be executed?

    I agree Chunners generally do not do ANY type of pressure testing.
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