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  1. ?! Dare I ask how...
  2. Wake up with massive hangover, get up to make breakfast. We hook up the propaine tank to the mini gas oven and light the fucker up.

    Valve starts hissing, and the flame spreads from the oven plates to the tip of the exhaust tube. Apparently the seal on the valve ruptured. Flame starts jetting out like a rocket engine. We were lucky a neighbor had a fire extinguisher... could have been either dead, or eyebrowless with 2nd to 3rd degree burns, typing this with a bandaged glove...
  3. What were you doing to the propane tank?
  4. Vodka and fire don't mix indeed. I was camping 3 weeks ago, got pissed drunk, almost had a propane tank explode in my face. Lesson learned: none. I'll probably pull the same **** again next year. Thank you, vodka.
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