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  1. Comrade, this is now officially the photo of the year.
    Monkeys riding hot chicks into battle with sharks and Aquaman.
  2. Comrade, 630 253 1015

    dont think my last 2 messages reached you
  3. I'm on it.
  4. Dude, looks like we may have another person interested in a throwdown.

    Throwdown in H-Town - Page 46 - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

    Let's see if we can make it happen.
  5. Comrade, I've found one shuai jiao instructor in the area, but the cost and teaching methodology weren't my cup of tea (students teach, then collect money for the instructor.)

    Right now I'm on partial hiatus, keeping up only with my Taijiquan, but planning on adding boxing to the mix, come January.
  6. Hey, Sri where in San Antonio do you train, and does you have the shuai jiao?
    Beak, he wants the shuai jiao he wants it. It is PRECIOUS.
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