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  1. Sounds like all is well. Glad to hear it!

    I'm in a "who is the grouchier, more bitter old man?" contest with Chen amid a big debate started by itwasntme over whether Hitler should be commended for actually caring about his people ("it" says Yes).

    So, super-productive contributions to allegedly-higher primate inquiry continue as usual.

    Give your wife a gentle kiss on the forehead for me. I'm dreaming of your planned youtube project. May all your Fadades come true!
  2. Comrade, still raising my little monkey to be a proper pirate, still conditioning, and still studying hard as ever. Hail Fadades!

    How goes the humanzeeing?
  4. Bezmond posted this Basement Jaxx song, "Where's Your Head At?" in the "Music for Monkeys" thread. It includes extensive use of electronics by monkeys, albeit often with superimposed human faces. I'm not certain of the breed, however. Anyway, the song is catchy and the video tells an interesting story.

  5. Quite happy, comrade.
    I have introduced my new workplace to the joys of both Fadades, and Svendorrian. Both are now the mainstay of our IT dept.

    Fadades has also crept into "daddy" territory. Local household performances now include "Fadaddys" being angry at diaper change, angrily shaking his fists at furniture, and looking generally discontent in a plad shirt.

    Youtube video to follow.
  6. Just to let you know, I have not forgotten my debt of honor. The specific combination of monkey type and using electronics is proving a bit of a challenge, but I am persistent.

    In the meantime, I hope that the three of you (you, the Mrs., and the Alsatian Infestation) are happier together!
  7. Comrade, a simple picture of a longtail macaque working on electronics will more than suffice.

    On my end, however, I still have to get an Elvira wig, and make several youtube videos of Fadaddys being angry at diaper change, filling up gas, lack of live sparring, and probably the sky being too bright or something. Wonder if I should borrow the wife's high heels for the vids...
  8. So, I am engaged in solitary contemplation of my crime, denied the solace of a good woman's love, as is only fitting, given the suffering that I have caused you & especially your missus. Is she also partial to bananas? I must post something to ease her pain and allow the healing between you two to begin. I will reflect, but any information regarding her tastes (beyond the evident distaste for pretentious talentless Alsatian black metal wannabes) would be helpful. Your chastened chum, Chuck
  9. I don't know what to say. What apology would be enough for Fadadesing someone's home life. As I pondered this moral tragedy, I sought comfort & counsel from my own better half. This led to my showing her Fadades and admitting having posted him. She not only thinks your wife is right to be mad but is personally delivering angries of her own for my inflicting Fadades upon others. She told me that it makes her very sad that I'm the kind of person who would do that.
  10. Dude, our household has fallen to the dreaded Fadades meme. The wife in a less than jovial mannner inquired into who introduced me to the Lovecraftian horror that is the musical youtube savant known to the world as Fadades. She sends many angries. It is of relatively small consolation that we did not meme Svendorrian.
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