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  1. Haha, the LARPing thing is a joke, of course. Though I do enjoy watching videos from fake Ninjas roleplaying as if they're in a Sho Kosugi movie. Especially MOUNTAINOUS (search for his "dojo" on YouTube), the guy never fails to amuse me.

    I'm currently training in Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu mainly (Taking a break from Ninpo, as I lack the time and funds to proper commit to it), though my Sifu himself is learning Eskrima from Doce Pares and shares what he learns with me. Overall I wouldn't call myself an Eskrima practitioner though, as I don't feel proficient enough at it and haven't focused on it yet. I do really enjoy it, though. The footwork, the speed, the exercises, etc. Seems very practical, especially since the stick could represent just about any weapon.
    I didn't call FMA LARPing at all, btw.
    Sorry if you misunderstood. :p
  2. No friends, I'll be your friend! The more diverse and less in common we are the better, or not...whatever. Sorry i'm not a ninja.
    Is the ninja thing a joke? Internet scarcasm is hard for me to judge. I'm not really a computer person.

    I was worried when I saw you train some escrima. Unless it's real badass escrima from a real FMA style, not some "I do everything" guy who just happens to twirl sticks around. I'm not into larping and get defensive when people call FMA larping, but that's just me.
    If you like the larp, cool do it up. I could care less.
    You should still be my friend. Unless you're just an a-hole.
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