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  1. It's cool, I was pretty antisocial myself that weekend :P Yeah, we went pretty well; 3 gold, 3 silver, and I think 4 bronze in the end. Just got back to Adelaide last night. As awesome as a spa and a pool can be, heaps better to be home :D
  2. Hey, congrats on your wins on the Weekend, how did you and your team go after that? I'm sorry I wasn't very talkative, I was so stressed over everything. Next time I'll be on my best behaviour, promise! ;)
  3. It's not too bad. Four and a half hours, I think it took us. Early morning, though. We left around 5. I thought we did pretty well to get the 16 (I think) of us to compete. We're a pretty small club.
  4. Down at ISOHEALTH, with Matt; bunch of guys from Mildura come along to the Gracie seminars at our place every now and again, good to see lots of you down here to compete! Bloody long drive though I bet
  5. Awesome, well done! Where about you train at?
  6. Yeah, my gi and no gi weight classes and open weight. White belt, that is haha
  7. Indeed I do. And I was there, had a lot of fun! Did you compete?
  8. Howdy howdy! Do you happen to have purple hair? :P if you do, I think I recognised you at the SA State cup last Sunday :D
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