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  1. We used to have a 2nd Kyu called Alan, who had trained with Kevin Pell but eventually left and came to the club. He was disillusioned with Mr Pell's org and suggested something of a Personality Cult.
    He said that 2 x Black Belts had left. He took it badly and encouraged his students to launch a hate email campaign aimed at them.
    Why does Pell offer SAS courses? He has no qualification. Is he jealous?
  2. Hey, I was trawling the forums and ran into the thread about the Seni Gracie Invitational a while back and noted that you'd had some experience of Kevin Pell but were a bit dubious about some elements of his background. I used to train under Pell and am well dubious of his background, would you mind telling me why you had that impression? If not, no worries,

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