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  1. That's awesome, man, having a plan makes a world of difference, keep going.

    I guarantee once you deload a few times on the squat and are done with the program you will be a fucking beast, man. Just stick to it, there's no difference between beginner programs they're all the same.

    Check out for a fun training log if you want.

    Best of luck, man.
  2. First week done. Sure didn't feel like a stud just squatting and benching the bar, but I know I'm working on form and making a habit of just getting my ass there. For the first time I was actually eager to get to the gym instead of saying "fuckin' I don't know what I'm doing and this is going to suck." I'm thinking of doing the whole training log thing.
  3. Awesome, man, looking forward to hearing how it went.
  4. Hey bro, just got all the info for stronglifts. Part of my tuition includes a gym membership to the Gold's here so I will be giving it a shot this afternoon. Thanks again!
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