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  1. Thanks! I appreciate the heads up on Grupo Axe.
  2. Good news, the capoeira kid finally showed up in class. They teach BJJ at AXE CAPOEIRA in PHX ( according to him ). Tell your buddy to google grupo axe capoeira and contact them. I only see MMA listed but they will be able to tell him if the BJJ section is under another name/instructor.
  3. Sorry dude, he couldn't help but he suggested I talk to another student as this guy is associated with a Brazilian Capoeria group. Have you asked any of the BJJ guys on Bullshido? They probably have a better idea than my folks.
  4. Thanks for asking around for me.
  5. But I will ask my instuctor, he's been around for years so he has heard things. Let you know when I see him tomorrow.
  6. Sorry man, I'm not familiar with the BJJ scene here. I can tell you that there are schools all over the place. Which means, he will probably need to get some word of mouth recommendations. Unfortunately, there are martial arts schools a-plenty, every other strip mall, which means there are a multitude of BAD schools. I keep hearing about contracts, belt fees, etc. Caveat Emptor!
  7. I had a friend just move back to the Phoenix area. Are there any bjj schools you'd recommend?
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