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  1. Thanks for the info. I'll pass it along before he goes back to grad school.
  2. There is another option of joining one of the Universities fitness classes, (kung fu, karate, aikido, kickboxing) but if your friend wants to learn how to fight he or she will have to go off campus.
  3. There is also another place that trains competitive fighters, maximum training center, and they have bjj classes, but I haven't tried them. They are also a good distance from campus. If your friend wants a good workout there is Windsor Amateur Boxing near the school, which is very reasonably priced I hear. Again I have a friend that went there, and one of their coaches teaches at Central Combat Sports, but I haven't trained there myself.
  4. 2 groggy, I know there are some Judo clubs but not nearby the school, so I can't recommend any Judo clubs per se, but if your friend is interested in learning how to grapple, I would highly recommend central combat sports, which I posted a review of. The downside of that is it will only be accessible if your friend has a car.
  5. Hey Pokeroo, If I recall correctly, you were going to school in Windsor. I met someone who is looking for a place to train down there. Can you suggest any clubs for Judo or similar?

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