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  1. Yeah I met a few ex-Lins friends there as well.

    I visited his school in August I think, but working downtown until mid-evening it doesn't make sense for me to go there at this time. I'm a Budokan BJJ, mid-town which is perfect for me since it's close to the subway. Cool group
  2. Hey Piz, It's been a while.
    If you are still looking for a place to train, Fernando Zulich, a BJJ BB has opened his own school called Action Reaction MMA, near Finch and Victoria Park. I used to train under him at Revolution MMA in Thornhill, so I know he's good. It's waaaay less expensive than Lin's too.

  3. BTW. it's moved one block south to Steelcase and closer to Woodbine.
  4. Lins is cool, I have a few old training buds from year back that train there. I might visit that in the spring summer time but it is semi-out of my way
  5. Hey Piz...just an update from our conversaton in January... Lin Martial Arts has a one free month deal, so i signed up the other day. I'll still do a little judo because that's what my son and his buddies do, but I'm getting back into BJJ. I'll write a review once I get to know the place a little better.

  6. Hey Piz,

    I train at Ronin Judo Club near Davenport and Caledonia. It's a long drive from my place at Bathurst & Wilson, but there really isn't anything close to home but karate and TKD McDojos.

    I've written a club review some time ago. It's a recreational club - small but cheap and friendly. The instructor is great with kids.

    I'm under the impression that you're coming off of an injury. Am I correct? Does this limit the styles or arts that you can do?

  7. Hey, where do you train these days? I may be looking for a new school this summer
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