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  1. Hey man! How's training at Will's? I've heard good things.

    As best I know (I haven't read the thread), Tim's promotes like Carlos. No test, he just rolls with you/watches and when he thinks you're ready he promotes. He said he doesn't test because he doesn't want to catch you on a particularly good day or bad day.

    As best I can tell, he promotes pretty slowly relative to other schools. No matter though, cause in the end a belt's a belt and you're as good as you are, ya know? :p
  2. I was asking because I am a Will Vandry student and I was wondering if Tim did anything with the promotion system like Klay Pittman in the Klay Pittman thread or if his was the standard BJJ progression that Carlos and likewise Will follow.
  3. Hey man, yeah I am. Who's this?
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