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  1. I'm at UT, most of the rest f my MT classmates are St. jude. A couple of townies/bar folk too. Classes aren't as structured as I'd like, but as a cheap, vigorous and well taught group it's OK. Although I haven't been for 2 weeks now cos of work.
  2. Ah, my wife's a fellow at St. Jude's. Right now Krav works well because it has a solid group that does afternoon classes, which I can usually make with my schedule. The fight classes are fun (gloves, helmet, shin pads), and I think it's a good introduction to the hands side of striking. I'm still transitioning away from the bad habits I picked up in TKD...
  3. Just posted this on my own wall by mistake...

    I train at St. Jude. It's a small group of us science geeks with shitty work hours! I trained a couple of times at Memphis BJJ and it's really a great place. I recommend checking them out. The problem for me was the yearly contract. Scientists don't get paid much :) I think next year if I get my bonus I'll try and head back to Memphis BJJ: they have a good facility + boxing coach you can work with etc.

    I think my mate Chris is a Lvl II at your Krav school (or was til he dropped out for the summer).
  4. I'm currently at Mid-South Krav Maga (on Poplar). I'm thinking about checking out Memphis Judo & BJJ. How about yourself?
  5. Just saw you're in Memphis. Where about? Where do you train?
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