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  1. Hi Tapout74,
    Your youtube for the upcoming fight was cool. Do you want to post it, or wait.
  2. Hey Brother,

    I see that you've been wanting to get a hold of me. My e-mail address is [email protected]. As for my involvement with Helder Nunes, well lets just put it this way. it = to nothing. I severed all ties with him over a year ago. What I had with Helder was simply that I had become a member of JJI which was founded by Soke Richard Morris. My relationship with Helder disolved very quickly when I started to realize that he was a little sketchy. I'm not an original student of Helder. He did grade me to 3rd dan along with Jeremy McCann, now 5th dan, Royal Gaudreau, 5th dan, Chris Wade, now 4th dan. Karl Shulz, WEBBS Canada head also awarded me my 3rd dan with WEBBS. I don't know what to believe here with regards to Helder Nunes but rest assure I have no intentions of inviting him to my club any time soon.

    Feel free to contact me anytime,


    Mike Carrier, AKA Tapout74
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