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  1. It looks completely legitimate, but whether it's a place that will make you satisfied I can't say. I think the ISKF org tends to have no free-sparring until brown belt and does progressively more sparring-ish drills before.

    Shotokan bbs specalize in forms or fighting. I notice on the instructors page there are several guys who have won form comps, but no mention of fighting comps. Be careful!
  2. Hey I just started doing shotokan, its a very Kata-centric style and I had no idea. is there any red flags I should be looking for in this school? I know its a traditional style and I dont mind that we dont spar a whole lot I just started so who knows maybe sparring is more emphasized when I pass white belt level.
  3. Thanks, but nah, there's some others. Fug knows what's he's talking about and has a lot of experience I think, he's just also happens to be a crazy old hippie. Vieux Normand (sp?) was awesome, but no longer posts. Others too if I could think clearly right now.
  4. they should make a tag for you that says "knows his shotokan" REALLY. You seem to be the only guy to know his karate around here
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